SYC™ Phone Security - Dual Persona Usability in Mobile Cyber Security

A Protection For Government Grades

Buy business-class mobile devices, including Samsung’s latest offerings that feature built-in multi-dimensional platforms in their hardware and software. These devices, such as the SYC™- Secured Mobile Phone (Secure Your Call), provide enhanced security for your business needs. An operating system-level safety check is used by the protected program to continuously verify the legitimacy of the device. Moreover, it does not allow your data to be tampered with to guarantee its constant protection and privacy. Features of a high-end commercial mobile phone with top-of-the-line security and cyber security. Personal & Confidential Workspace is another feature, giving you access to more protection for your mobile device than was before possible.

Secure My Phone Calls & Messaging

Protect your calls (audio & video) and messages with Government-Grade encryption, A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and operate. Users can make high-quality calls and messages across a variety of devices, networks, and operating systems with the applications

Phone Number For Anonymization

End-to-end encryption and security for anonymous outgoing and incoming calls. Over 70 countries and 300 regions to choose from for anonymous caller id

Mobile Phone Security

Dual-persona technology

  • Users can install applications from the Play store in a private area. Virus injections are prevented.
  • The encrypted end-to-end communication partition is encrypted, protected, and encoded with SYC™ secured apps installed