Facilitates privacy of phone calls

SYC™ phone security enables Samsung business-class mobile phone users to encrypt the data on their mobile phones. It provides encryption for texts, audio conversations, and video calls. Our safe file transfer option has complete VPN encryption for users to keep them safe against hackers and spies. We provide end-to-end encryption to maintain the secrecy of conversations between two callers. Thus, no one can decipher your conversations with others or invade your systems.

Protects all the private data stored on your device

While buying a business-class mobile phone, you should integrate SYC™ phone security suite to facilitate end-to-end data encryption assistance on your phone, keeping all your device data protected and secured. This data encryption technology provides certain features to manage the activity of the apps that you use. Your texts, image and audio files, contact information, browsing history, etc., will have limited background running capability to avoid any scammers. So, if you would like to access your information, you can enter the required passkey in incognito mode. No third-party hackers can break into your device and cause any act of cyber theft.

No one will be able to decrypt your confidential information

SYC™- Secured Mobile Phone (Secure Your Call) provides top-notch mobile security solutions and protects your device from potential real-time hackers. It makes sure to encrypt your calls and other device data by maintaining peer-to-peer encryption where data don’t pass through any third-party servers.

The calls directly go from your device to the recipient’s device so that no one can interfere in your privacy. SYC™ end-to-end encryption suite protects your Samsung business-class device through a multilayered security solution to maintain the confidentiality of your information.