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Godfather, Android malware that steals bank account information


There is an increase in malware attacks targeting Android devices. Because Google’s operating system is so widely used, attackers have more targets to android users. The Godfather malware has now been detected by Bleeping Computer and is targeting users in 16 countries including Spain, according to the report.

The Godfather attacked 215 applications in total, about half of them were banking software, reports Bleeping Computer, and There are most of them in United States (49), Turkey (31), Spain (30), Canada (22), France (20), Germany (19) and the United Kingdom (17)

The GodFather Android banking Trojan is a type of malware that is designed to target users of over 400 banking and cryptocurrency apps. It is typically spread through malicious apps that are downloaded from third-party app stores or through phishing attacks that trick users into downloading the Trojan.

Once the Trojan is installed on a device, it is able to steal login credentials, financial information, and other sensitive data from the user. It can also display fake login screens to trick users into entering their credentials, allowing the attackers to gain access to their accounts.

To protect against the GodFather Android banking Trojan and other types of malwares, it is important to only download apps from reputable sources and to be cautious when clicking on links or downloading attachments from unknown sources. It is also a good idea to install a security app on your device and to keep your operating system and apps up to date to help protect against known vulnerabilities.

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